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Sino-Danish Renewable Energy Development Programme

The Sino-Danish Renewable Energy Development Programme (RED) is a five-year programme (2009-2013), jointly developed by the Chinese and Danish governments. It is aimed at institutional capacity building and technology innovation for renewable energy development. The agreement between the governments of the People’s Republic of China and of the Kingdom of Demark regarding Renewable Energy Development (RED) was signed by the Ministry of Commerce, P.R. China, and the Royal Embassy of Demark on December 2008. The funding by the Danish government totals 100 million Danish Kroner (equivalent to about 130 million RMB). The National Energy Administration, P. R. China, is the national executing agency.


  • Development Objectives:Reduced future greenhouse gas emissions through increased use of renewable energy.
  • Immediate Objectives: Enhanced national institutional and technical capacity to develop the renewable energy sector in China.


The Programme Steering Committee (PSC), consisting of the National Energy Administration, the Royal Embassy of Demark, Beijing, and the Ministry of Commerce, P.R. China, oversees and guides the overall implementation. The National Energy Administration represented by Department of New Energy and Renewable Energy, chairs the PSC, and assigned a National Programme Director responsible for programme implementation. The Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission is the implementing agency.

The Energy Research Institute hosts the Programme Task Force (PTF) and the Programme Management Office (PMO) for technical activities and daily management and works closely with all stakeholders.


1. Enhancing the Chinese government agencies’ capacity in managing the renewable energy sectors.

This shall result in the creation of a Chinese Renewable Energy Centre, bundling and further developing the existing expertise and management experience (Component 1). Under this component, the following Five Outputs will be produced:

  • Proposal on the creation of the Chinese Renewable Energy Centre;
  • Sector strategies for wind, biomass and solar energy;
  • Creation of a Renewable Energy Analysis and Information Centre.

In addition, cross-cutting policy and technology issues will be addressed.

2. Supporting renewable energy technology innovation, development and transfer via an innovation support facility funding the co-operation of Chinese and Danish companies and organisations (Component 2).

Under this component, the following Two Outputs will be achieved:

  • A study on the Chinese RE market, identifying particular rewarding Sino-Danish co-operation opportunities.
  • Four to five co-operation projects in research, development or demonstration supported in the areas identified with the preceding market study.