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The Sino-Danish Renewable Energy Development Programme (RED) is a five-year programme (2009-2013), jointly developed by the Chinese and Danish governments. It is aimed at institutional capacity building and technology innovation for renewable energy development. The agreement between the governments of the People’s Republic of China and of the Kingdom of Demark regarding Renewable Energy Development... More

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[Research Associate Economy and Policy]

Wang Wei      Huang He

[Research Associate Solar]

Sun Peijun      Zhu Shunquan

[Research Associate Biomass]

Zhang Qingfen      Dou Kejun

[Information Analyst]

Liu Jiandong

[Programme Management Office]

PMO Director:Zhang Aling

PMO Manager:Fan Lijuan

International Advisor:Uwe Weber

PMO Secretary:Zhang Pei

PMO Assistant:Han Yu

Project Assistant:Qi Linlin


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